Sunday, August 4, 2013


It's been one week + one day, and I'm getting the shakes...
the lightning bolt flash of memories that appear and then disappear....
the sweats.

I'm in withdrawal from my wedding.

I wrote in the last entry about how there was no way I'd have postpartum following the wedding weekend, and I was right-- to an extent. I have no signs of depression because the time of planning and pinteresting are over : I'm effin' relieved.

The withdrawal is from all the love. THE LOVE. Newly named Husband B and I are feeling plenty of marital love over here in Brooklyn, but I am slowly feeling that my didn't-even-know-I-could-get-addicted-to-it prescription of Friends + Family + New Friends + New Family love needs a hit. I'm a SaturnaLoveFest'13 junkie.

So in desperation, I emailed the amazing Stephanie Rae Hull, my beloved photographer, and she sent me some images entitled: The Fix.

Oooooooh.... she's a good dealer. It was just the fix I needed.

PS: If you're getting married in the Victoria/ Gulf Islands area, you should hire Steph immediately. Centric Photography: look it up.

PPS: I will write a real wedding and its pre-math and after-math post in a month or so, when the rest of the photos roll in. You'll probably see mielmoon pictures and blogposts before you see the wedding one-- I like things backwards.

PPPS: I love my husband.

PPPPS: I love everybody who came, or couldn't come, and everyone who has supported us forever. We were over the moon with everything.

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  1. You will enjoy/suffer from those flashes for years to come. Hope ny has been a blast.