Friday, July 31, 2015

Of Late: July Musings


1/ Strawberry basil, fresh lemon and Tahitian vanilla with bffs      2/ Just missing Scott on the double dream deck (AKA Triple D)

3/ A soul cleanser, this paddle     4/ BBQing everything with the siblings

5/ Little hands and little frogs on Saturna     6/ The Greens and an Ella

7/ The tea party of the century for our special friend     8/ This is my Everything.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

euromoon (no, euromoon!)

This trip has been at least three years in the making. When I knew we were getting married, I dreamed that at the end of the big party, the big feelings, my shiny new husband and myself would be on a plane to Europe. While others get really excited for continents like Asia and South America, I pretty much only get googly eyes over the Big E.

(I don't know why. Maybe I'm secretly racist. Or maybe I was a colonizer who was afraid of planes and going too far from home, in a past life.)

In late 2012, I started to become aware of Icelandair and their stopover deals-- you can stay in Iceland for a maximum of seven nights on your onward destination to some other European country that the airline connects to. Two countries for the price of oooooone. Bicep + thumbs up emoji!
The closest North American hub to us was Seattle, and I plotted over who to bribe to drive us down to the States.

But it was not to be. School starts early in the Yukon, and so we pretty much only had two weeks for a trip after the wedding. We re-brainstormed and I put aside my Euro ideas for the moment. If you're a regular reader of this blog of mine, you know that we ultimately had a truly lovely mielmoon in Sooke and in New York.