Saturday, September 21, 2013

7.27.13. A Collection of Memories: Part Two

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So after we wiped our joytears away, it was officially time for the celebration portion of the day to begin.

If you had to guess, between me and Bry, who it was that suggested we have a parade between the ceremony and the reception, who would you pick?

What? You would pick he who is spontaneous, lover of fun and going down things really fast over she who loves staying home on Friday nights to watch movies, and having dinner parties for four? Well, a big capital B for Bingo for you!

Out of all the questions we got from our guests prior to the wedding, I would say that inquiries surrounding exactly what we meant by a parade was most frequent... probably because we challenged people to find a 'creative source of locomotion'. It turns out that it is kind of hard/expensive/crazy to rent a tandem bicycle, or borrow miniature horses from the island, or put in the time --on top of everything else-- to create a float from a trailer. So.. walking it is!

It was about 15 minutes into the parade, after I had seen the surprise canoe bubble bar, and my quasi-broinlaw rollerblading, and all the stomping and waving of the golden flags I had slaved over... that my stomach unknotted itself. And I became present. (Better late than never.)


Thursday, September 19, 2013

07.27.13: A Collection of Memories, Part One


I woke up in our tent at 6am; my heart in my throat. My guts and whatever organ it is that holds in fear were there too, if I'm being honest about it.

I went down to the meditation rocks to sit by the sea for an hour, before anyone else in the Meadow started to stir.

I'm going to become a wife today. I'm going to become a wife.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Than One

** I lied. I am getting my wedding pictures back any moment now, so while I said last post that I'm a girl who indulges in the non-chronological from time to time, I now realize that I don't know who I was kidding... I am as linear as they come. Thus, no honey(moon) until after you've had your supper.


      As a young girl, I never fantasized much about my wedding (although when I mentioned this to my mother, she said I was a liar and that I used to say that I would have a big, big fancy wedding and ask if she would pay for it). I was a flower girl when I was eight, and pretty much hated the burgundy, long sleeved velvet dress I had to wear. It was stuffy and everyone told me to smile too much.
Then I didn't go to a wedding until I was in my early 20's, whereas my best friends (one dating older dudes; one who is Indian) seemed to go to 10 a year. As a FRIENDS fan, when Monica finds out how much Chandler has saved in the bank and says that the amount is exactly what they need for her Option A Dream wedding, I hissed at the TV and was outraged that she would think that spending his years of  financial hard work on ONE day was sane.

So I didn't really have... perspective, shall we say, of what a wedding could be. What a wedding is.

It turns out that it is more than just the one day...that what it represents lives in the breaths and smiles and foundation of how much everyone supports you and your new husband.