Monday, August 20, 2012

So Long, T-Rex.

 (Drawn from memory. May not be to scale.) 
My bike was stolen from my front lawn last week. It is a one-speed bike with a skull flag and a lightning bolt on it. The lightning bolt and flag may have been removed. This bike was brand new from the store. NO REWARD. I don't even want this bike back. I just made these flyers to tell you I hate you, bike thief. I hope you ride my bike without a helmet and get hit by a monster truck. I hope my bike takes you straight to hell."


Last Monday was an extremely emotional and traumatic night for me. It was the night that the love of my summer-- the gallant black beauty that carried me everywhere I went, the sole reason I feel like I've gained back a piece of independence I was missing for a couple years-- was stolen.

My beautiful, black hybrid/road Trek bicycle.

AKA: T-Rex.