Sunday, August 30, 2015

Of Late: August Musings

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1/ CPH's cacti options are cooler than ours.    2/ I climb caves; I am athletic now

3/ Beauty + Stinky yin and yang   4/ Our living room respite in Aix

5/ Heaven       6/ Bride on the Thames 

7/ 31st bday London edition    8/ #truth

Thursday, August 27, 2015

travelogue: iceland, we go (part I)

Are there words that even measure up to this level of alien beauty?

I really feel like I don't have much to offer; that I should just frisbee out the 1.2 million photos we took and paste them on here, leave you to it. Pull the blankets over my head and daydream about how we spent 8 days and 7 nights ogling ponies, waterfalls, lupins, moss, the most delicate birds..

How we whispered about the hidden people, and I half believed that maybe I would get to see a wisp of one, that they would know I was a firm believer and supporter in my teens.

How we shivered every night, cocooned in our sleeping bags, and I thought maybe I would wake up and have turned into a human popsicle.

How we were like the erratically changing landscapes: elated, tired, awestruck, hungry, smitten, angry. I will tell you one thing-- don't expect to come here and remain flat-lined or placid. When you've got all four elements of fire, water, air, earth in close proximity to one another, in one country, the molecules within you shift like tectonic plates.

Or maybe it was just that way for us.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

a little film (Iceland)

I am much more a photograph person than I am a video person. Video just isn't in my blood-- my parents have thousands of photos of me as a child, but I've never seen a home movie of me as a baby, or any other age.

So this is new territory, and I'm pretty excited about it. There is something that film can capture that a still photograph inherently cannot. It moves the way your molecules move when you're exploring a new land for the first time.

This new land we travelled to was a surreal, hard, fairlyland dreamscape.
I hope you enjoy it through our eyes.

I hope it inspires you to make a little film of your own.

Song: Six Weeks, by Of Monsters and Men (who are from Iceland!)

(enlarge it for the full effect)

b + j in : iceland from Joann Liu on Vimeo.

Takk for watching.

Words + photos from the land of ice coming up next...