Sunday, October 13, 2013

NYC: Life in Pictures

You know I'm not the most prolific blogger in the world. I average about one post a month, if I'm lucky. So between the most recent spree of entries on the wedding, and this published submission over here on A Practical Wedding, I am S-P-E-N-T. Word spent. I really don't understand how some people are able to post daily. For me, each post is like nurturing and then squeezing out a baby, every single time.

So I'm going to take a rest and maybe use these fingers to make and knead a pumpkin pie, instead of typing out another thousand words on What Happened Next in our story.

Instead: you will get some pictures. Here is a photo diary of what came after Sooke-- our real Mielmoon: fifteen and a half days in New York City, one of our favourite metropolis' of all time. 

(Don't worry; there will be some words next week about 1) burgers 2) pigs on a farm and 3) magic shows. Bye!)

Fire escape deck, on our third floor apartment rental in Greenpoint. 

I didn't pack accurately for this weather.

Very good donuts from Peter Pan Bakery.


For Blair.

Best cupcake ever.

Riding from Brooklyn to Manhattan over the bridge. Potholes and taxis galore.

Juliana's > Grimaldi's, as a general tip.

More Fuerza Bruta!

Riding in Prospect Park.

Central park + haircuts.


Pretty epic sunsets.

Walking the Highline in heels.

Pit stop on our way to "Sleep No More".

Fried chicken + key lime pie.
New ink! (In my honor!)

Ricotta, figs, honey, fruit + nut bread.

Mccarren Park on our last day.


  1. looks like you been shopping girl (pre or during NY). and lots of delicious gluts!

  2. Butts! Ha! I get it.