Friday, July 31, 2015

Of Late: July Musings


1/ Strawberry basil, fresh lemon and Tahitian vanilla with bffs      2/ Just missing Scott on the double dream deck (AKA Triple D)

3/ A soul cleanser, this paddle     4/ BBQing everything with the siblings

5/ Little hands and little frogs on Saturna     6/ The Greens and an Ella

7/ The tea party of the century for our special friend     8/ This is my Everything.

Of late...

July was// a month of plenty. 13 nights spent in my own bed on Fraser St. Otherwise, tucked in a camper van in the Yukon, a guest bedroom on Saturna, in tents across Iceland. 

So much movement is challenging for someone like me, but there were many multi-coloured balloons in my friendship sky, and being busy this July didn't feel like being caught in a rat race. I felt stretched, for sure, but I think I was in the busy business for the right reasons. I felt tired, but I also felt very loved.

The Last Time I had a huge cry?// This morning. 

(One of the best releases, isn't it? The feeling of your ribcage heaving up and down? Grateful that it comes out for me in this way, as opposed to others.)

:) List// Having friends that feel like furniture, and lying down in a finished(ish) basement with them. Parents. Cobb salad. The muscle memory of being in a canoe. Finding the only lush and green spot on Saturna, and watching dragonflies. Pulling off a beautiful bridal shower with a great friend for a great friend and not dying afterwards. Vee!

Things I Miss// My memory foam pillow, familiar surroundings, my friend Hurricane.

A Simple Pleasure// Having the right tool for the job. Before now, I just managed to get by with things I could macguyver into performing a function until it broke or imploded. This month, we invested in a new sleeping bag for B, waterproof hiking shoes for me, travel bags, and a new lens. Gulp, goes the wallet that lives in my throat, but the satisfaction of efficiency and not having to compromise warmth, or grip or aesthetic is like... adult cool.

Body// is MY FRIEND. Thank you, you complicated, mysterious, wondrous mass of cells and neurons and spirit. You keep me going forward, but never fail to kick me behind the knees when I have taken your wisdom for granted.

Wearing// A rumpled dress, while eyeing a bag full of dirty laundry. Black hair in a sea of Nordic blonde. It is strangely a very perplexing feeling. 

Proud About// Planning a trip to Europe and a bridal shower simultaneously, and still being a fairly decent person to those around me. 

The way I am curious about the world. How I can tap into that oft-forgotten childhood magic of seeing a new bird species, or a weed in a different patch of dirt, and think: my my my. Isn't that something!

Things I'm not Telling you Yet// Iceland or specific travel tales. It has been a rollercoaster ride, as travel can be sometimes. I'll tell you that we are now in Copenhagen, and I am 9 hours ahead of most of you and I am feeling a bit worn out but mostly stoked. 

Bisou! My husband is meowing from the other room and I will now see if he has woken up from his nap.

Love always,

Your pen pal


  1. This blog is really rocking lately Joann! I feel kind of creepy for reading still, but you once blog stalked me so... Thank you for sharing, and have a wonderful time in Europe! 'Gulp, goes the wallet that lives in my throat' is an awesome line. xo Jess H.

    1. Your blog will always be one of my favs. Thanks for creeping, Jessie.