Friday, August 23, 2013

Life in Pictures: The Other Things I Did This Summer Aside From Getting Married

So school is rearing it's beautiful/daunting head soon (I should really remind myself what day *exactly* it is that I am a Responsible Employee again--any YT readers know?), which means that Summer 2013  is almost at its bittersweet end.

Bittersweet because I could really, really get used to this lounging around, not getting properly dressed until noon, deciding what to make for dinner as the most strenuous thing I've done all day, mentality thing. Meaning, that at the heart of me, is a puddle of a totally content lazybone sloth-creature. It's better for my sense of self-worth, contribution to society and bank account for school to be starting again.

This ending prompts me to post some pictographs of this glorious summer, aside from the whole 'I was a Bride' bit. That comes later. Be patient. (I'm mainly talking to myself, as I am verrrrry eager to get my album).

Clutch your sunbeans closely, everyone! It is swiftly becoming Autumn up here.

June. Secluding ourselves in a cabin in the woods to write our vows.


Bry, in the process of making a beautiful custom belt for Enid.

Last six-pack dinner before we separate for the summer (to be reunited at our wedding!)

We made slow-cooked pulled lamb crostinis, with halloumi and green onion.

A Courtney galette.

Late June, Vancouver. The view from our home for two weeks (thanks, Sev!)

Canada Day long weekend. En route to Saturna, for family time before The Big Saturna trip

Reunited with the Salish Sea.

Lamb BBQ.


Brunch at Jam Cafe in Victoria. Fried chicken french toast, with jalapeno maple syrup. Unreal.

Pulled pork pancakes.

FUSE at Vancouver Art Gallery.

Super Moon, the Wednesday before the wedding.


  1. More! Tell us more! with photos and a running commentary of course :)

  2. Let's go back in time and do it again.

  3. Re: Fuse @ VAG... is that an installation of blair (left) and Bryan (right)???

    1. hahaahahhaahahahhaah. this is an amazing comment.