Tuesday, July 9, 2013

LAW (Life After Wedding)

Crickets on the blog. Chirp, chirp, chirp.

Sorry for my absence-- all 6 of you who are reading this.
Silence on this Internet end usually means a lot of noise in the In Real Life end. There has been an abundance of that.
Some good noise, in the form of shrieks from friends we haven't seen in a year, the muffled noises of urban city life that we've missed so much, the whiz of bicycles behind and in front of us as we bomb down Ontario St.
Some not so good noise, in the form of the clattering of laptop keyboards as we send copious emails to various people about various wedding related things, the tone of impatience in each other's voices when we're tired or hungry or haven't had enough coffee to deal with anything W related.

I kind of half imagined that, sometime during the engagement process, I'd have more blog content to share with you all, in the form of a post on an anecdote on dress shopping, or flower arrangement, or how to DIY flags for your wedding parade. But I literally.......... no. It's not really happening. (I've done or am doing or am now supremely knowledgeable on all these things, by the way, but I will just not be writing about them in any concrete way, as to not implode.)

We talk a lot about LAW-- as in, Life After Wedding-- and I can't wait. I can't wait to be a wife, to have my best friend be my husband, be looking back on all the love of the day.... and getting on with the rest of it. I've read and been warned that I might have postpartum and feel empty without all the planning that has consumed our lives leading up to the big day, but I am almost certain that no such thing will happen in this household. LAW will be splendid.

Not to say that planning really and truly sucks (all you future marriage-bound people), it just isn't my thing. Some parts of it are nice.
It's just hard to be a perfectionist/visionary and want nothing to do with conflict / stress/ schedules/ bossingpeoplearound/ tediumofdetails  at the same exact time.

I think I'll probably have a ball helping to plan my friend's wedding.

All that said, all the energy we have spent on it will no doubt translate to the joyful embodiment of what we feel about one another and how stoked we are that our friends and family are wanting to share in that joy with us. I just can't wait to get the fuck outta dodge, get on the motorcycle and be riding on the back and clutching my husband's waist on the way to Sooke already.

18 days!

(***Photos are of our visit in early July with some of the Liu clan and Green clan on Saturna, where we are getting murried. Note: only good noises happen on Saturna Island).


  1. this is absolutely my favourite blog. It doesn't matter that it is the only one I read. I know it's my favourite anyway. Like the way I know the Pacific is and always will be my favourite ocean to swim in.

    1. What the internet is dying to know, babe, is if wedding planning is also your favorite way to pass the time? Hmm?

  2. I love your writing and have always loved your writing! I saw a video on youtube and thought of you and weddings.

    Just remember the joy and everything else will fall into place.

  3. Thanks, friend. I've seen that! And the whole series! They are funnyyyy... and led me to some other funnier videos.

    PS: Did you know xanga is shutting down??

    1. Yeah, found out a couple of weeks ago. Saved an archive of my posts... started reading my older entries and cringed. Youth is full of needless drama.