Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in Pictures


Some people stay away from it; I embrace it with obsessive fervour.

On a glum day, my favourite thing to do is to put my head on a pillow, and click through old albums of London or the first year we moved up here, or that time we roadtripped all summer throughout BC.

Sometimes, I pretend I'm a stranger as I glance through these photographs, and imagine what I would think of this girl and her boy and their adventures if I really were to be looking through these for the first time. I am aware that this is fairly self-conscious, if not outright vain. I guess I find it intruiging to view my life through the lens of another.

I already know this collection of photos will comfort me in future grey times. The stranger in me agrees that whoever this girl is, she is lucky to have had so much love, ocean, woodland, friends & family and parades this year.

Happy nostalgia-ing and your last days of 2013, everyone.


In 2013, we celebrated with one more big dinner club event, and I came to terms with what is missing in my life,

We settled in for another 4 months of snow,

I flew to Toronto for Spring Break and had some much needed gal pal time (and food) with some of my favourites,

When I came home, the thaw was starting and we slowly made friends with Spring again,

Love and celebration was on the impending horizon, and we started to prepare our wedding invitations and vows, as well as helping out a good friend with his proposal,

We continued to play and create in the kitchen,

And even though it never feels like it will, the end of the school year came around, we celebrated the Grads of 2013 and I put my fourth year of teaching behind me,

As we always do, we said 'see you later' to sunny Yukon for the summer,

Vancouver welcomed us back with open arms, and we took a short reprieve on Saturna for July long weekend with our families before the big day, 

My amazing friends spoiled and honoured me with an afternoon tea bridal shower, and a Grad '02 stagette,

Then, it was time to head back to Saturna to start prepping for the wedding,

July 27th came, and we were so enveloped in love that it feels almost surreal to look back on our wedding day,

Happily exhausted, we bade farewell to our loved ones and kicked off our mielmoon with a stay at the Sooke Harbor House,

And followed that up with a two week trip to New York city as a newly married couple,
(Posts i/ ii/ iii/ iv/ v)

We ended off an awesome summer down South with a brief jaunt in Vancouver again (where some pre-emptive 29th birthday gifts were given!), before flying away,

Back to a Yukon landscape that was changing again, where we celebrated with folks that were unable to come down to BC for the nuptials,

This year, I got to witness as my husband (!!!)  further solidified and expanded his business,

We stole away to Haines, AK for a weekend camping trip before the weather turned,

We celebrated the coming of Autumn and early Winter with pie, freshly caught grouse (a surprise from my students) and an acceptance that snow was back in our presence, 

We cackled with relief and delirium as Christmas Break saved our sanity,

And ended off this inspiring year by celebrating with our adopted family and friends,

Just like I predicted, the 'lack' of photo opportunities faced in 2012 was made up for completely this year. I am humbled by the love.

Thank you, 2013.


  1. ditto from Tony & I....have fun tonight, wherever you are. Love, Karen

  2. love the picture with the little cabin in the yukon background as well as the 2 of you on the picnic table. can't wait to visit! happy new year!

  3. let, let, let me take a trip down memory lane....