Friday, January 18, 2013

2012 in Pictures

Being the daughter of a photographer, I have photos that document everything: naked bums, tears, chickenpox, awkward bang lengths, dubious 90's fashion, sisters, prom, every Christmas present unwrapping event...... even photos of the first production I was in at UBC: meaning, either my mom or dad snapped pictures from the audience with the flash ON as I was PERFORMING.

 I am a self-professed and oft-accused photojunkie myself. Perpetuating the stereotype, I love taking pictures of food. Meals that have been prepared with love, scarfed down in an instant, immortalized forever. In those moments when I don't have Nikki with me, and end up not capturing the vibrancy or joy or what have you on film... sometimes it haunts me. Sometimes I feel that much more enveloped in love when I know that there will be proof later to look back on.

 This all being said, 2012 was probably the year in my adult life that I have documented the least. Chalk it up to the events of last year, or learning how to be more in the present moment, but I really don't have very much. So in this year in pictoral review, there may be some gaps here or there; big pockets of time missing.

We'll see. In any case, I'm betting there will be lots in 2013 to photograph.


In 2012, it was cold,

The Kluane Kooking Klub had many delicious events,

We flew to Mexico for our spring break,

Bryan got down on one knee while I shrieked,

We both learned to eat mindfully, healthfully, fully,

I discovered what I might look like if I were to ever give birth to an alien,

The Six-Pack celebrated Bryan's 33rd birthday with a roadtrip to Haines, Alaska,


School ended and we flew down to Vancouver to partake in one of my best pal's Big Day,

We parked ourselves squarely in Vancouver for the whole summer and had a great time with family, new roomies, good grub, arts, culture..

In July, we took our annual getaway to Saturna Island, just in time for the Canada Day Lamb Roast..

Summer ended, and we went back to the Yukon where the colors of Autumns swiftly followed,

And Winter came all too soon (though this has been a gracefully mild one),

I had a busy semester teaching English and Social Justice, and before we knew it, it was back on a plane for Christmas break,

We made new and old animal friends,

Had an exceptionally good presents haul this year,

And caught up with pals and ate pho + sushi like we would never see it again,

Goodnight, 2012. Time to put you to bed.


  1. Joann! These photos are absolutely beautiful. IT teacher level of beautiful. I also note the resemblance that Bryan and I have in out plaid chopping wood!

    Lovely.....absolutely lovely!

    <3 Blodge

  2. beautiful post! and wonderful pictures (especially the ones from my wedding!!!!)
    the world (and vancouver) is glad you came!

  3. i love your food pictures, i can feel the breath of life