Monday, October 12, 2015

a little film (Copenhagen)

To save my creative energy from disintegrating, I work on this little video series about europe in my few spare minutes between Masters duties. The last one was completed two months ago, so I guess that is my going rate. Not bad! Considering.

Here is a silly peek into what our five days in this truly special city was like. Copenhagen restored us. Brought us back from the brink.

 The first couple days were seriously spent in bed, or doing laundry, or watching netflix (ohhh hallelujah, that moment when you reacquaint yourself with technology from the perch of a comfy couch, knowing you won't have to set up camp and sleep on hard ground that evening), so this video is remarkably shorter than the first. It's not very cinematic either.

 Nevertheless, when we're older and greyer and less airplane-bound, it's for us to watch and remember that we once spied on some deer and biked on coastal highways and felt like we had made it to the European version of home.



b + j in : copenhagen from Joann Liu on Vimeo.

 Song: "Kilojoules" by Freelance Whales


  1. My husband and I want to go to Copenhagen too! Thanks for the glimpse of what looks like an awesome place to visit.

    1. Lizzie, you should 100% go. Oh man. It was just so liveable there.