Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Of Late: June Musings

1/ Peonies: a living work of art     2/ Earl Grey donut date    3/ Trying out glasses-wearing again      4/ Nairn Falls

        5/ Pie birthday party at the park    6/ Matt Kivel record to make our collection a little bit more mellow 

        7/ My first growing thing to sprout from a seed!   8// Pops + Sis celebration

Thank you for reading my last post. I was nauseous about sharing, but it turned out the reaction to it was entirely supportive, loving, and affirmative. It sparked a lot of conversation, received over 500 unique page views, and folks from halfway around the world popped in to take a look. I think this means that we are all craving more authenticity. Not just story telling, but truth telling. 

I will keep that thought in my pocket the next time I stumble and think: this must only ever happen to me and mine.

Now. On to June. It has been a full, full month, and I'd like to empty my head of all the disparate thoughts and sights I experienced this past moon. Maybe think of this as a monthly, discombobulated update to you, my virtual penpal? 


(I don't feel like doing the same template from last month, so... I'm not sure what's going to come out of my mouthbrain. Here goes.)

Of late...

June Was// Brimming over with leftover confetti. Purposeful, professional days. Social nights. Camping two out of four weekends. If I could take naps without heart palpitations, I might need a tall drink of one, just to recover from all the activity.

Toes// are painted a white-out white. 

:) List// That it is now seasonally appropriate to wear my birkenstocks everyday.  The bees that hang out next to our lavender bush. Season 3 of Orange is the New Black. Waking up this week without the alarm going off. Successfully registering for all the courses I wanted for my Masters come September. Season 2 of Brooklyn 99. BBQ steak. A husband who makes the best granola.

:( List// Getting next to no calls for work this week. Feeling overwhelmed about a very busy summer. Asparagus.

Feeling// excited that my parents moved to East Van last weekend! Best sister and husband team who helped them get settled, while I was off doing Maid of Honor camping duties. They live a 19 minute walk (I timed it on Monday evening) from us. A block off Trout Lake. I have absolutely no nostalgia for the Richmond house that I hear is now already torn down.

Body// is a bit bloaty. Probably too much bread. I don't know how I managed to successfully avoid it all winter, and then start eating it like it is air in the summer. 

Wearing// cut off shorts, everyday. Summer is my least inspired season to get dressed in.

Proud About// Having my last session with my counsellor last Saturday. She gave me all her notes she's taken over the past few months. I haven't sifted through them yet, but look forward to it. I am happy to have my weekend time back, but feel like it was a huge blessing to be able to tell someone what was going on for me, week after week. Walking up that big hill on Saturdays, I would dread it--'cause being honest and accountable is hard work. But sure enough, I'd always walk back down the hill, lighter than when I trudged up.

Questions on repeat in my Brain// Do we buy a new camera for Europe since Nikki is on her last legs? If so, which one? How do I read on our five weeks overseas? Do I need to invest in a Kindle or e-reader thingy? Should I cut my hair? How is it almost July already?

Things I Ate Lately That Tasted Good// Rhubarb-strawberry-apple crumble. Everything at Chicha, the Peruvian restaurant at Main and Broadway. Any salad as long as it is Bryan making the dressing, not me.

Upcoming// BFF six-pack reunion in the Yukon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye for now. I have to keep reading a book that is due back at the library on Friday. Priorities. 

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