Monday, November 11, 2013

NYC: Lunching at Jean-Georges

Yes, that is a chocolate bow on my head. Read on.

For this last post about New York, I'm not going to let too many words get in the way. I might save them for something else, like having a conversation with a friend, or dreaming about euromoon '15 with the husband, or reading a book.

We'll let the photos do the talking, and merely say that by the end of our trip, we more or less really enjoyed being spoiled at fancy restaurants, and having servers in penguin suits pull out chairs for both of us and wipe our mouths.

On our second Friday in the city, we treated ourselves to a Thai massage, a stroll around Central Park, and a leisurely, sophisticated lunch at Jean-Georges (3 Michelin Star status).

(Before you start feeling envious of our lives, or judge us for how decadent we were on our honeymoon, I would like to tell you that I am currently sitting on my lumpy couch, eating cashews that are resting on my chest (I don't like doing unnecessary dishes). Also, the nearest grocery store with fresh nutrients is 2 hours away.)


1 Central Park West, Manhattan

Lunch menu special: Any two plates, $38.
(The best deal in the city, folks, as tasting menu for dinners are $110-$198).

From website. View of inner dining room; elegant and simple.

Complimentary amuse bouche to start: raspberry gazpacho, corn fritter w/ tangy sour cream, cured salmon.
It amused our bouches alright, and was a lovely and inventive way to start out lunch.

Ginger-lemon herbal soda that was SO strong and amazing, that my eyes are salivating right now.

Jo's first course: Yellowfin Tuna Ribbons-- avocado and radish, ginger marinade.
I can't even emphasize how good this was. It was like eating those 5 cent candy worms,
only not disgusting and full of fresh tuna goodness. One of their most popular.

Bry's first course: Foie Gras Strawberry Granola, aged balsamic, sorrel leaves.
Delicious, sinful hell. I caved, and tried a bit, even though I swore off foie gras years ago.

Jo's 2nd course: Slow Cooked Arctic char, basil, tomatoes
This was a extremely well cooked piece of fish. Tasty too. However, I was too busy sneaking bites of...

Bry's Second Course: Black Sea Bass, crusted seeds and nuts, sour and sweet jus
OHMIGOD. This has launched itself into my top 5 best flavour mouthfuls in my life.
I literally have never had a better fish dish, ever. I am weeping.

That husband of mine, eating his perfect second course. I hate when I don't pick the best dish. Such a sore sport.

Dessert: Strawberry red wine sorbet, lemon verbena chantilly cream, vanilla sponge cake, balsamic meringue.
This was a perfect way to end our meal.

Except then I had also pretended to "go to the washroom",
and had snuck off to ask the head server if he could do this for Bry.
He didn't even raise an eyebrow when I got to "babes"!
Complimentary chocolate gift wrapped cake, with golf leaf.

Famous homemade marshmallows, hand cut at our table.

Vanilla bean, melt in your mouthhhh.

Two sodas, two lunch specials at $38, and an $8 dessert later, lunch cost us about $140 after tax and tip. So very worth it for the effort, ambience, flavour, intuitive service, crusty bottomless bread, small plates of complimentary items, etc.
When I compare it to the hefty price I sometimes pay up here in the Yukon for mediocre restaurant food, I am more than happy to have splurged on ourselves a bit.

So is this guy.


So this concludes my New York recap, everyone! I have many more recommendations that I will just list below, as I am plum out of words and pictures on this particular subject.
If you do find yourself in NY in the future and visit any of the haunts that we did, drop me a message and let's compare notes. If you have a rec that would be helpful for anyone hoping to plan a trip, comment below, too! xx

To Do:

  • Fuerza Bruta: dance, theatre, visuals effects, energy explosion
  • Sleep No More: Interactive theatre, Macbeth, eerie, McKittrick Hotel, masks
  • Walk the Highline
  • Bike around Central Park, Prospect Park, from Brooklyn to Manhattan
  • Nitehawk Cinema: watch great films while servers bring you food. Do not miss this.
  • Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea Market : for tasty bites and cool vintage stuff
  • Asssssscat 3000: 9pm free show, stand in line for hours, totally worth it. Started by Amy Poehler; always a chance to see her, or others (including Michael Cera, David Cross, Donald Glover, etc.)
  • MoMa: Museum of Modern Art-- free on Friday nights. (It is worth paying for.. I've done both, and Friday nights are hectic.)
To Consume:

  • Not mentioned or pictured but recommended: Hu Kitchen for organic and paleo, Calexico for amazing poutine and tacos, Babycakes for the best gluten-free, sugar free, dairy free cupcakes ever, Juliana's for waaaaay better pizza than the iconic Grimaldi's, Egg for a simple but amazing brunch in Brooklyn, and Pies n' Thighs for key lime pie, pulled pork, fried chicken and corn bread.
To stay:

  • Here! : Greenpoint, Airbnb, excellent hosts, great neighborhood in Brooklyn (close to subway, restaurants, safe, clean). 

Bye New York! We love you!

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