Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting the Heck Outta Dodge

T-minus 32 hours until I touch down onto British Columbian soil.


Refraining from announcing it on the public space that is Fbook, because this trip isn't about surprise parties upon my arrival, or hobnobbing (is that a verb? I don't know. It's past midnight.) with the Vancouver elite or or---

It's about rejuvenation. And health. And small groups of friends. Like one or two at a time. Really, truly beautiful friends. And my momma. And poppa.

Being away from the armpit of Winter for exactly a month will be good for me. Not that it's an awful place, or anything like that. But how do you continue to appreciate the stillness and wonder that surrounds you when you are entrenched in the stillness? You have to fly away for a while to be able to come back and see the mountains for what they are, the good folks for who they are, the sighting of a female moose wandering  in front of your house on a cold afternoon, the long stares at the most unbelievable display of Aurora on a long stretch of highway (green and hints of purple on inky black).

We went for one last ski today. Leaving the down jacket here. Hopefully returning in a month to consistent sun and consistent mild weather. Maybe more consistency in the amount of joy in my life, too. (Or at least, the recognition that the joy is present and I have to stop moping enough to look it in the face.)

See you on the other side of Winter.

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