Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Of Late: June Musings

1/ Peonies: a living work of art     2/ Earl Grey donut date    3/ Trying out glasses-wearing again      4/ Nairn Falls

        5/ Pie birthday party at the park    6/ Matt Kivel record to make our collection a little bit more mellow 

        7/ My first growing thing to sprout from a seed!   8// Pops + Sis celebration

Monday, June 8, 2015

An Essay on the Perils of Moving-While-Married

It is the month of June: the same month that we got into our blue truck named Bibi and left the Junction for a more southern postal code.

 It will be a year soon, since we left for good.

 The blasting sun, the heady smell of hot pine, bird calls early in the morning-- all this reminds me of that month we rolled up to BC and tentatively reclaimed it as ours.

I wrote this essay in the winter of 2014. It's been ready to publish for months now.

Each time I thought about pressing the button to post, I would hesitate. It felt still too close to me, like looking in the rear view mirror and seeing objects that appear closer than they actually are.

But! it is the month of June! Earth has nearly completed a full orbit from when I felt these things last!

My synapses that hate Change, that are slow to fire, have finally done so.
I am happy here, in this postal code. I feel grounded. I love my husband.

(Thank God.)

So now I share with you a time when I was very, very, very, very, not.

Thanks for reading. Let it serve you and me as a reminder that life is full of hardness and lightness both.